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WordPress | Design & Consultancy

We’ve been producing WordPress sites since way back in 2006. With over a decade of experience, our design team can produce flexible and cost-effective solutions for whichever stage your project is at.

From WordPress design, theme development, optimisation, search engine optimisation, code reviews and audits our team can help you with your journey.

Why use WordPress

WordPress started off as a blogging platform (and still is for many). Its ease of use rapidly enabled it to become the worlds most popular blogging and content management system powering some 30% of all the worlds websites. The huge amount of support and free plug-ins makes it suitable for almost any project.

We expertly craft amazing Wordpress sites built with a mobile-first approach optimised for speed and search engines. We also keep in mind the user experience and how we can improve your conversion rate whether that be traffic, sign-ups, enquiries or sales.

We pride ourselves in supporting our clients. Which is why we offer full WordPress training as standard and we’re always on hand to provide support whenever you need us. On top of this, we can provide ongoing support for SEO, marketing, social media and updates to the CMS itself along with advice on new developments that massively benefit your business success online.

Call us today or send us a message on Messenger and let’s talk about how we can help your business get going, grow or refresh its presence.

WordPress FAQ

Wordpress is huge and is the infrastructure behind millions of websites globally. It’s easy to use, manage and add to meaning you save considerable costs over time and have control firmly in your hands.

Yes, you can add users at different levels of access to match their roles and responsibilities and can easily remove them if required too. You can add new pages, posts and offers easily. We’ll provide training on how to use your new site as well so that you aren’t reliant on us to add the day to day basics which naturally incurs extra costs, although we can do this if you really want us to.

You can but you’ll really need a WooCommerce enabled website which is Wordpress with e-commerce built in. Read more about our WooCommerce services.

We will proof read all content provided and make corrections if any errors come up. Alongside this we will optimize your websites images and add in security plug-ins for extra peace of mind. We’ll also add in our suite of premium plug-ins that will enhance your website at no extra cost!

All our sites come with a standard SSL certificate and we will add in our premium security plug-ins as standard. Alternatively you can purchase a wildcard SSL certificate or use your own. We recommend GlobalSign.

No, well, unless you really want to. With all new builds we give you the first years hosting and emails as part of the package and the support that comes with it too.

Yes, we can get it for you and it will be registered in your name and if you want to transfer it out from us at any time then of course that’s not an issue.

Yes of course, however, this is provided as an additional service for existing sites, for new builds we can do the on-page SEO ready for your launch date. WordPress SEO is an ongoing effort we can help on a retainer basis, get in touch to find out more.

WordPress provides basic features to ensure GDPR compliant however many additional plugins or functionality from either a basic or enterprise site can cause compliance issues. We can provide WordPress GDPR compliance across your site including:

  • Web forms including general contact or any lead generation forms.
  • Any forms which capture personal data.
  • Guidance on privacy notices/policies, terms of use or service.
  • Data security and handling in terms of storage in WordPress or any ERP/CRM systems.

Yes, you can. The beauty of WordPress is that it’s completely open source meaning there are literally hundreds and thousands of developers across the globe who can serve any WordPress dependent user or business.

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